Why Apply for a Career in Asia?

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  •  To take your place in a booming market
  • Your skills and international experience make you an outstanding candidate
  • For the culture and lifestyle you love
  • To be a part of a unique phase in Asian history

Questions about returning to work in Asia

Do I need to apply for every role separately?

One application to Careers in Asia is enough to be considered for every current and upcoming role. As your career develops and your skills increase though, it’s worth returning to update your CV so you can be considered for more relevant opportunities. Login to quickly update your CV.

What if I want to make sure I’m considered for a particular job, though?

Of course you can complete a further application. We’ll still check you against all relevant roles if you have applied before, though. Updating your CV here can keep you in consideration for the most relevant and interesting roles.

Why would I consider a career in Asia?

Our alumni have headed for jobs in Asia for a number of great and very diverse reasons. Some choose to work in Asia for the excellent promotion opportunities or to experience a change of lifestyle. Others go for a chance to be part of community and economic development in Asia. Whatever your reason, we’re happy to help answer any questions you have about the move.

Is being registered with Careers in Asia free?

Always. We believe in bringing the best candidates and companies together. Fees will never get in the way of that.

What about applying for your Recruitment Summits?

Our Recruitment Summits are a brilliant opportunity to connect and interview with hundreds of high-calibre professionals and many multinational employers. To attend you’ll need to apply, as only pre-selected candidates will be able to enter. If an attending company is seeking employees matching your profile, you may be invited to interview, and there will also be chances to secure interviews at the Summit.