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Talent Pool Resourcing Case Studies

Talent Pool Resourcing

By adding Talent Pool Resourcing to your plans, you will gain a targeted programme of employer brand management and talent acquisition that ensures a steady stream of excellent candidates are available to you whenever you need them. A key part of the transition from reactive to prepared hiring, Talent Pool Resourcing allows you to leverage our trends insights to act ahead of time when securing the best internationally based talent.

Who would benefit from Talent Pool Resourcing?

  • Those aiming to minimise time to hire
  • Those keen to end reactive recruitment
  • Those in need of an on-demand supply of qualified candidates
  • Those requiring an optimised source of mid to senior level professionals

What is Delivered?

  • A managed pipeline of qualified talent
  • Reports on all campaign activity and pipeline health
  • Individual candidates screened and ready for your hiring process

What is the Process?

  • Speak with our team and engage Careers in Africa
  • Define your objectives for future recruitment
  • Our team will analyse trends and plan a campaign
  • A process of work and feedback takes place
  • Your proactive pipeline is ready to be accessed

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“It’s a really powerful thing when you can start hiring a team against trends you expect to see emerge over five years.”

Bea P

Beatrice Pasturel
Business Development Director

Whenever I’m speaking with clients about TPR, I always stress that this product is about a commitment. From you, it’s a commitment to mould your hiring against the team you think you’ll need in the future. For us, it’s a commitment to map those trends against the candidate base and have a ‘production line’ of international talent ready to step in when you need it. What it’s not, is a commitment to hire all of these people, they remain ready when you are, and so you don’t have to commit to spending large sums on hiring before you are ready. We know business needs change quickly sometimes.

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