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Realise the massive potential of our candidate relationships for your recruitment strategy through a real strategic partnership.

Recruitment Campaign Consultancy

Our candidate relationships are the foundation of your great recruitment campaigns. Based on genuine insights, we can leverage acquisition and marketing channels to deliver the candidates you need for any kind of role, in any volume.

Who would benefit from Recruitment Campaign Consultancy?

  • HR professionals aiming to create a targeted recruitment drive
  • Employers seeking concrete evidence for strategic recruiting
  • HR professionals aiming to deliver notable cost per hire reductions
  • Anyone seeking an end-to-end managed service, with feedback and documentation

What is Delivered?

  • Activity against targeted acquisition and marketing channels
  • A pipeline of ready to hire candidates
  • A variety of interviewing options, including phone, video, recruitment days and Summits
  • Reporting on all stages of campaigns
  • Insights from optional Employer Brand Studies
  • Forward planning and future objective mapping

What is the Process?

  • Get in touch and a project team will be put together
  • Work with your project team to define your objectives
  • Research and analysis will commence
  • Campaign targets and channels agreed and delivered
  • Reporting process continued through campaign delivery
  • Final reports, recommendations and forward planning delivered

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“We pride ourselves on delivering real value through every one of our clients’ campaigns.”


Oliver Pearce
Business Development Manager

We pride ourselves on delivering real value through every one of our clients’ campaigns. It’s our relationships with candidates that allow us to do this, building on the trust and interest we share to gain insights we can leverage for clients.

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