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We aim to work in close partnership with you, so we can really understand your needs. When we do that, our range of services can truly deliver the results you want.

Recruitment Summits

Careers in Asia Recruitment Summits offer a unique opportunity to connect, interview and recruit high-calibre candidates in a variety of locations worldwide. Our Summits are famous for the unbeatable cost per hire, and the fantastic employer brand opportunities they offer.

Search and Selection

When you search, search globally. It’s the only way to secure the best and a real advantage when seeking hard to find profiles. Every Careers in Asia search is international, something our competitors can’t match. Combine this with our world class search methodologies and you have a recipe for exceptional critical hire support.

Recruitment Campaigns

Deliver your employer brand message and discover talent for your operations worldwide through our network of sourcing channels across media, associations, academic institutions and professional groups. Add pre-screening, interviewing, assessment and other services, in person, virtually or through our team to create a Campaign that truly meets your needs.

Direct and Digital Sourcing

Promote your employer brand and current opportunities across the network of Global Career Company websites and social media channels. Large volumes of targeted traffic across all sectors and regions, ready for your critical messages and direct sourcing.

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Sherin Helmy
Business Development Director

For over ten years we’ve been delivering great services to our clients. Whether it’s our uniquely global search and selection, our employer brand insights or the world famous Careers in Asia Summits, whenever a new client gets in touch we’re confident of delivering a targeted, tailored campaign that really works for them.

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